Copy of Motion Graphics Portfolio

I worked as the lead animator at a post-production house in NYC called The Station Media. I primarily used AfterEffects and Cinema4D. This is some of the work I did during my time there from 2017-2018. Happy to provide professional reference



Nair Sensitive Skin Formula Ad // product animations, text animations, graphic animations, vfx, compositing



Hartz Dog Pads Ad // rotoscoping, text animations, graphic animations, compositing



Jafra Flores Perfume // flower animations, flower and perfume bottle 3D environment layout, compositing



Nike React Summer 2018 // Assisted Blase Theodore at ContactPost with rotoscoping, compositing, and coloring shoes



Senokot Ad// text animations, end card



ISM Connect Hype video // text animations, graphic animations, transitions, 3D modelling, 3D rendering, compositing



NFL Shop 2017 AFC Championship Ad // background rendering and animation, transition rendering, endcard animation