I worked as the principal motion designer and 3D generalist at MSCHF from 2020 to 2024. In that role, I applied extensive technical expertise to a diverse range of projects, achieving high creative output while continually exploring and learning new skills. As a versatile designer, I have the experience to create assets that align with a variety of styles and themes. Here are some highlights of that work.

PRJCTS 2020-2024

[in chronological order]

MSCHF X (2020)
Cut pieces range from cut staples

  • 3D environment background assets provided to support photography foreground
  • c4d, octane, photoshop

Alexagate (2020)
This device stops Amazon from always listening to you
  • 3D animation and rendering of product asset for web
  • ae, c4d, octane

Card v Card (2020)
Competitive multiplayer bank account
  • 3D animation and motion graphics for explainer trailer
  • ae, c4d, octane

Spots Rampage (2021)
Remote controlled war dog wreaking havoc in an art gallery
  • 3D animation and motion graphics for teaser video
  • ae, c4d, octane

Chair Simulator (2021)
a game that simulates the joys of buying, owning, and sitting on chairs
  • 3D modeling, texturing, rigging bespoke game characters
  • maya, photoshop

Dead Start Up Toys (2021)
Toy versions of iconic failed startups
  • 3D texturing, rotation animation, rendering
  • c4d, octane, photoshop

Killpill (2021)
The pill that kills!
  • 3D texturing, rotation animation, rendering
  • c4d, octane

MSCHF x Famous Mouse (2021)
Get a token today for an artwork in 2024
  • Preloader 2D animation for web
  • ae

MSCHF Mag 5 (2021)
Endless Enya

  • Video composite assets for web
  • ae

Bootleg Lil Miquela

  • 3d modeling, texturing and in depth tutorial,
  • daz3D


Museum of Forgeries (2021)
One original Warhol mixed at random into a stack of 999 forgeries

  • Animated line drawing and paper shuffling asset for web
  • ae

Everyone Gets a Car (2021)
Everyone gets a Lambo...what size lambo
  • Animated assets for web
  • ae

Only Bags (2022)
Bags from iconic brands, just the bags just the flex
  • 3D asset modeling, texturing for gltf export
  • c4d

Cd Grand Prix (2022)
First brand to c&d us wins!
  • 3d asset modeling, texturing, animating, rendering
  • marvelous designer, c4d

Children's Crusade (2022)
Performance installation that used robotic drawing machines to transform user submitted messages into faux child written letters
  • 2D motion graphics, composting, video editing, voice recording for explanatory web assets
  • ae, premiere pro

Eat the Rich Popsicles (2022)
Popsicle of rich guys
  • 3D asset modeling and texturing for gltf export
  • c4d, photoshop

KeyForAll (2022)
Uncleaned roadside motel of cars
  • 3D animation and motion graphics for teaser video
  • ae, c4d, octane

Made in Italy (2022)
Leather bag made in Italy, TX
  • Onsite video capture assitance, Trailer video editing and website preloader animation
  • premiere pro, ae


No More Tears I'm Lovin' It (2022)
Solo show featuring works by mschf at Perrotin NY

  • 3D modeling of Gundam-esque gun attachment for Boston dynamics robot
    • c4d, zbrush
  • 3D modeling, texturing, rigging a second set of bespoke game characters for updated version of chair simulator
    • maya, photoshop

ATM Leaderboard (2022)
  • 3D animation and motion graphics of all custom short video content inside the machine
  • c4d, octane, ae

Smells like WD-40 (2023)
New fragrance for men and women
  • 3D modeling, texturing, animating and compositing web spraying asset
  • c4d, octane, ae

Tax Heaven 3000 (2023)
A one-of-a-kind dating sim experience that really does your federal taxes
  • 2D animation and motion graphics for trailer explaining the game Tax Heaven 3000
    • ae, c4d, octane
  • Expression change designations and assignments for the entirety of the game
  • Voice recording for Easter egg in game

Anti Robo Calling (2023)
A PAC to legislate robocalling out of existence, raising money through robocalls.
  • Motion graphics lottie animation for web preloader

Pyramid Chat (2023)
A voluntary, opt-in pyramid scheme. Bring your friends (for profit)!
  • AI deepfake audio and video creation, editing, and post processing

Free Movie (2023)
A crowd-pirated recreation of Bee Movie, now FREE Movie!
  • Compositing for promotional asset
  • ae


Nothing is Sacred (2023)
Retrospective at Daelim Museum 

  • Motion graphics sizzle reel showcasing various shoes over the years made mixing existing assets and new
  • ae

Global Supply Chain Telephone (2024)
hybrid luxury handbag designed entirely by cumulative factory labor

  • 3D environment background assets provided to support photography foreground
    • c4d, octane, photoshop
  • Tracking node animations web asset
    • ae

ART II (2024)
Animorph Paintings

  • Created the final reference compositions that the paintings were based on featuring in between morph shapes for collection of paintings with specialized motion tools

M25 Logo

  • animation as a direct copy of A24 logo animation
  • ae

US Veteran Empties a Clip into the Wall

  • video compositing, post processing
  • ae, and premiere pro

Keyforall  Video explainer

  • 3D animation and motion graphics for teaser video with ae, c4d, octane

Microscopic Handbags

  • 3D modeling of microscopic handbags per manufacturers technical requirements
  • zbrush

Big Cheese

  • 3D model revisions of 3D scan
  • zbrush

Bootleg Sculptures

  • 3D modeling of leg part of sculpture
  • c4d